Frequently Asked Questions

SmartLine is the new and easy way to get in line at BCHC Urgent Care from the comfort of your home, office or even on the run. Once you're in line, BCHC will send text updates to your cell phone, keeping you informed on when your turn is coming up and when to head to the Urgent Care Clinic. SmartLine gives you the freedom to continue with your day until a medical provider is available to see you.

Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit from a computer, cell phone, or mobile device and click "JOIN URGENT CARE LINE"
  2. Answer 1 question.
  3. Enter your name and cell phone number.
  4. Click “Next”

Now just sit back and relax, run errands, or continue to work until a medical provider is available to see you. Text alerts to your cell phone will keep you updated on your estimated time. You also have the option to add more time, get notified at a specific time, cancel your visit and more by sending text commands from your cell phone.

SmartLine has other options available for customers that do not have a cell phone. You can either call (239) 949-1050 and a friendly assistant will enter you into the line, or you can just come to our center and sign in using our Patient Kiosk. Either way you will be entered into the SmartLine and given an estimated time of when a medical provider will be ready to see you.

"Est. Time" is the estimated time before your turn. This is based on the number of people ahead of you and calculated in minutes. The shorter the time, the sooner a medical provider can see you.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please call 239-949-1050.
Don’t spend your time waiting in the waiting room. Free yourself by using BCHC SmartLine.

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